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We urge you to take immediate and profitable advantage of the most unusual money making
business opportunity we’ve ever extended….

Now it’s your turn to profit as a chatline operator

Would you like to earn up to £192 per day every day, as a chat line operator, just talking to people and having fun at the same time? Sounds unbelievable? We know it does, but honestly, you'll just have to trust us on this one. £192+ a day is very realistic amount to be earning, from running this fun, exciting business in chat line services. Many of our existing chat line operators are already earning hundreds of pounds each week. Now it’s YOUR turn to profit as a chat line operator.

Chat line services – tried and tested
as a business opportunity

This chat line service business opportunity is completely ethical, a lot of fun, 100% tried and tested and you can get started with very little effort and with very little money. So if you think £46,000+ working as a chatline operator might come in handy this year, read on for more details about this exciting new chat line services business opportunity....

“This is by far the easiest way to make money I have ever come across. It doesn’t get any better. Getting paid to talk to men about my favourite subject.”

Jen, London

As you may be aware, huge amounts of money are being made in the premium rate industry...and one of the most lucrative parts of this industry is the adult side...specifically live 121 and chat line services. Yes, you will see countless adverts in the newspapers, Exchange and Mart, Loot, local newspapers, “lads mags” and top shelf magazines featuring adult recorded stories and live 121. Live 121 is highly lucrative if done properly and can earn the operators huge sums of money through new, residual and return business.

As a chat line operator,
YOU can now get a slice of the action!

chatline operatorThe problem was...until now...individuals like you could not get involved in this highly lucrative business. Well now you can! And best yet - all you need is a land line to get started and a premium rate line through us. It really is that simple. Chat line services have never been this accessible for the individual, nor this affordable.

Just think of all the extra cash you could be earning at home on the telephone, working the hours that suit you. As we said before, live 121 and chat line services can be highly lucrative and callers will always return and call again, if they like what they heard. Soon you could be so busy that you will need to take appointments!

“Hi Peter, I just wanted to say thanks! I am delighted with the service you offer. I am getting plenty of callers and making good money!”

Tania, Nottingham

The fact is, people are loyal if they have had good service - just like going to a favourite restaurant, a favourite hairdresser, or shop and if you are good at live 121, clients will come back, time and again - guaranteed. Some of our associates have already established a loyal client base, who keep coming back for more! This translates in to hundreds of pounds for very little effort!

Unlimited income potential for just £99!

Promotion is easy too. Start with small adverts and build up from there. Maybe advertise on the internet with your own web site! The possibilities - along with your income potential - are endless. But you need to take action now....for just £99 you could be up and running in no time.

How badly do you want a
change in your life and make more money?

You can decide to just keep making a living, just getting by, or you can choose to design your life. Remember; if you keep doing what you're doing now, nothing will ever change for you. For your life to change you have to make it change! For just £99, you too could get started with this exciting new chat line services business opportunity!

And that's not all...

  • One time set up fee of just £99
  • No monthly fees or recurring fees EVER!
  • You don't need previous experience.
  • It's perfect for busy people, including homemakers.
  • Will not interfere with your current job, profession or career.
  • Set your own hours.
  • No employees necessary.
  • No ceiling on what you can earn.
  • No equipment needed, other than your own land line phone.
  • Work from home on your own phone with little or no overheads.

And the result?

Unlimited income potential!
What a fantastic business!

Nothing like it has ever been offered anywhere, by anyone including us! You owe it to yourself to try this opportunity and feel the wonderful results it can bring. And now you can, for just £99.

“I must admit I was sceptical at first. But for £99 what have you got to lose? You were right - guys do keep coming back for more! I have never had so much fun “working”. Since when has talking to guys been “work” anyway? Better yet – I am earning money for every minute I speak!

Nat, Bristol

chatline operatorIf you’re ready to turn your life around, to stop wasting your time and start making a lot of money, to start living among the ranks of the wealthy, download a copy of our request form and contract, complete the necessary details and mail together with cheque payment to us. Get started today! Click here to download our request form and contract!

We realise that you might have questions….please click here to visit our FAQ’s section, where we are confident you will find the answers to all your questions. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, we are here to help you. Please email us and we would be delighted to address any enquiries you might have. It really is that simple – just £99 will set you up to make £24 per hour, every day – just for chatting on the telephone!

What a great opportunity to make an incredible income!

To your success!

Peter Finch

P.S. There’s just one thing. The £99 deal is good for a limited time only and could increase at any time. We honestly don't know how long we can keep the price so low, so please don’t delay. Sign up today, while it’s still valid.

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